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Natural Methods for Treating Personal Injuries

A personal injury can take a wide variety of forms and afflict practically anyone. Whether you've sustained a fall in your home, lifted a too-heavy box at work, or damaged your neck in an auto accident, all of these situations count as personal injuries -- and they can all cause numerous debilitating symptoms. If you need to get over that nagging injury and get back to your daily life, you'll be happy to know that Crossroads Wellness & Rehab provides natural, non-invasive methods for treating personal injuries in Benson.

Many kinds of injury events might compel you to consult our chiropractor in Benson. For instance, if you're working on your roof and the shingles under your feet give way, you may slip and fall, damaging your spine and other joints in the process. If you're lifting a heavy object with your back instead of your legs, it's all too easy to strain your lower back muscles or even herniate a lumbar disc. An auto accident may be considered a kind of high-impact personal injury. This sharp transfer of force to the body can yank your spine out of alignment, tear muscles and herniated discs in your neck, producing whiplash, sciatica, and other issues.

But not all the personal injuries seen by our Benson chiropractor are sudden or violent. Many can accumulate over long periods of spinal misalignment, poor ergonomics, and/or tissue overuse. Carpal tunnel syndrome is a prime example. This overuse injury can develop when tissues in your arm and wrist become inflamed after long periods of strain, pinching the median nerve. It's also worth noting that even if the acute symptoms of a personal injury fade, that untreated injury may continue to cause internal scarring and other abnormalities that leave you with chronic or recurring pain down the road. Prompt evaluation and treatment from our Benson chiropractor is always a wise move.

Need a Benson Chiropractor for Your Personal Injury?

If you need a Benson or Angier chiropractor to help you overcome your injury, look no further than Crossroads Wellness & Rehab. Our Benson personal injury treatment plans make use of conservative, non-surgical, drug-free techniques that facilitate your body's own natural healing power. Our chiropractor in Benson will use digital x-ray diagnostics to evaluate your injury and then create your own individual Benson personal injury treatment program, featuring:

  • Chiropractic adjustment to restore spinal alignment and joint mobility lost to a personal injury
  • Massage therapy, which increases blood flow to the injury site, reduces swelling, and loosens painful muscles
  • Therapeutic measures such as cold laser therapy and electrical muscle stimulation, both of which help damaged soft tissues heal themselves while relieving pain and inflammation
  • Electrical muscle stimulation to speed tissue healing and restore muscle strength

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If you've sustained a personal injury that affects your mobility, our Benson chiropractor can restore normal biomechanics so you can recover properly. Call 919-989-1888 to schedule Benson personal injury treatment!


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