Chiropractic Benson NC Massage

Crossroads Wellness and Rehab in Benson is conveniently located in the McGee's Crossroads area. Our chiropractor, Dr. Ryan Williams, understands the importance of massage therapy to boost your body's ability to accept chiropractic adjustments. For instance, when your muscles are relaxed, they are more pliable, and our chiropractor can easily slip your spine into a healthy position without the resistance of the muscles. Our massage therapy sessions in Benson are designed to fit your needs whether you are seeking to improve your adjustments, recovering from an injury, reducing stress, or improving your health. Our professional staff uncovers your goals and designs your massage to support your needs, budget, and time constraints.

Therapy Massage in Benson

Massage therapy was often looked at for its stress-reducing properties. This is still true. When you relax on the massage table and enjoy the benefits of a calming, gentle massage, your body, and mind relax. Whether you enjoy a 30-minute, 60-minute, or 90-minute session, those minutes are yours and you leave your cares of the world outside the massage room door. We go beyond stress-reduction during your massage therapy sessions. Yes, our goal is to relax you and help calm your mind, but we also help overcome injuries. If you are dealing with decreased flexibility due to an old injury, our massage therapists can break up the scar tissue and improve your mobility. If you seek massage therapy to speed recovery from a new injury, our therapist's massage increases circulation to your injury which promotes healing. We offer a variety of styles of massage therapy and encourage you to speak with us about which one will best suit your needs. Our massage therapy styles include:

  • Swedish Massage- this type of massage is an all-over massage to stimulate healing, improve your health and help you relax. We adjust the pressure depending on your comfort level and will spend more time in areas of discomfort when needed.
  • Chair Massage- if the idea of lying on a massage table is not comfortable for you, we provide chair massages. These upright massages position your body in a relaxed state in which we target your back, neck, and shoulders to eliminate tension and muscle soreness.
  • Deep Tissue Massage- when your body requires it, our massage therapist gets into the deep layers of muscle tissue to eliminate scar tissue and promote healing.
  • Pre-Natal Massage- massages during pregnancy help to reduce back pain and leg discomfort. This is a wonderful gift for the mother-to-be.
  • Lymphatic Massage- a gentle massage that promotes draining and reducing swelling in your lymph nodes. Effective if you are dealing with inflammation from a chronic condition.


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