Frequently Asked Questions in Benson

Chiropractic Benson NC FAQ

The most commonly asked questions regarding chiropractic care in Benson are answered below. Knowing the answers to these often asked questions might assist you in selecting the finest chiropractic office in Benson. If you don't see your question answered below, call your team at (919) 989-1888.


What Insurance Do We Accept?

We accept most insurance plans including; BCBS, Cigna, MedCost, United Health Care, Medicare and more. Please feel free to call our office with any questions.

Do I Need A Referral?

No, most plans do not require a referral. Call our office and we would be happy to check for you.

How Much Does It Cost?

This depends on your insurance plan. We can verify your benefits and give you the information before you are seen, so you know what to expect. Don't have insurance? No problem, our discounted cash rates are affordable.

Will I Get Adjusted The First Day?

First, you will be evaluated and if necessary X-Rays will be taken, from there Dr. Williams will explain your condition and review different treatment options. If your condition requires chiropractic care Dr. Williams will treat you at the first visit.

How Long Will The Appointment Take?

The first appointment usually takes about an hour. Our office is very thorough, after your first visit each visit will be about 15 to 20 minutes.

Does It Hurt? What Should I Expect?

Most patients feel some relief following their first treatment. After treatment is when patients feel mild soreness.

Will I Be Sore? If So, For How Long?

Oftentimes yes, patients will experience mild soreness for a couple of days following treatment.

Can Chiropractic Help ___________________?

Chiropractic is used to treat a wide variety of musculoskeletal conditions with a high success rate. Some conditions that our office treats are neck pain, back pain, disc disorders, sciatica, scoliosis, shoulder pain, rotator cuff strains, carpal tunnel syndrome, and many more. Please call our office to see if chiropractic care could help you.

Do I Have To Have X-Rays?

Depending on your condition Dr. Williams may or may not take X-Rays. If you have recent films we will request copies of them instead of repeating unnecessary radiation.

Is There An Age Requirement For Chiropracitc Care?

No, we have newborn patients to our oldest patient who is 97 years old. Dr. Williams will always evaluate each patient and determine if chiropractic care is a safe option.

Can I See A Chiropractor After Spinal Surgery?

Yes, many of our patients have had prior surgeries. Always consult with Dr. Williams to determine if you are a candidate for chiropractic care.

I've Been In A Car Accident, When Should I See The Chiropractor?

We recommend getting evaluated right away following a motor vehicle accident. Research shows collisions less than 10 miles per hour can cause soft tissue damage to the spine. Early detection and treatment are key to a quick recovery.


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